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Rivers Place

two cannot walk together unless they agree...

11 November
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I am: a mother, a lover, a singer, a chatter, a screamer, a laugher, a teacher, a giver, a cryer and recently discovered - a writer, and vessel in the Heart of Jesus carrying His blood throughout the body - life to parts that would otherwise die. And I am more than these things and anything defineable.

I love eagles as they symbolize truth to me.

I was born to:
praise and worship Jesus through all of the above and more.

My favorite times are:
times that something I have gone through makes a difference in someone else's life, sheds light on their path, or vice versa: when I cross the path of someone that speaks into my life something that changes my thoughts, enters my being, becomes a part of me. When I am able to fully let myself die and let Jesus live through me.

When I see my kids learn something new or get excited about something.
Just watching them play and interact.
When I have read a good book that makes me cry because of it's effect.
When a friend feels comfortable enough to poke and pick lovingly and makes me laugh so hard I can't breathe.
When I finally get courage to speak about something and the results are so different than expected.
I love showing others the love of Jesus either through prayer or talking or even writing back and forth and just being me.